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One of the best known Ayurvedic herbs in India is Gugul, the resin (organic substances that exude from trees and plants) from the Commiphora mukul tree, widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which is now becoming more popular with practitioners of Western alternative medicine. After 2,500 years of successful use, this herb from north-central India is making its way into the arsenal of alternative practitioners. Modern medicine now knows that the Ayurvedic doctors of the past had accurately characterized many health abnormalities in ancient texts such as the Charak Samhita. At that time, the gugul tree (Commiphora mukul) was scraped to yield the gummy resins called "gugul".

GUGUL Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement

GUGUL - Double blind clinical trials have shown that gugulesterones may be effective in reducing cholesterol levels. Gugulesterones have been a part of the traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine for approximately 5000 years. Studies also have shown that Lacto-bacillus Sporogenes may be helpful in cholesterol reduction and improvement of intestinal functions.more...

Gugul 500 mg (60 Vegicapsule)
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More Details about Gugul

Gugul Description

Gugul, particularly resin from the Commiphora mukul tree, is widely used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. The high –quality standardized gugul extracts of today make it a viable alternative in the treatment of cholesterol abnormalities and obesity.

Component of Gugul

The active component of gugul is the sterols E- and Z- gugulsterone. These compounds have been studied for variety of metabolic effects, but gugulsterones have been noted for their anti-inflammatory effect. Gugul is a viable complement to glucosamine sulfate for treating arthritis.

Gugul Therapeutic Uses

Gugul : Toxicity, Cautions and Contraindications

In the north Indian state of Jammu, the Regional Research Laboratories investigated gugul for its effect on rheumatic diseases and found it to be free of any “adverse and undesirable side-effect”. The high-quality standardized gugul extracts of today make it a viable adjunct in the treatment of cholesterol abnormalities and obesity.


Notes of GUGUL:

gugul lowers triglycerides
gugul lowers LDL cholesterol and Gugul raise HDL
gugul breaks down fat
gugul an emulsifier
gugul controls obesity
gugul reduces obesity
gugul keeps fat from formating fat deposits
gugul normalize low phospholipid to cholesterol
gugul has an ability to combine oil with water based ingredients